Behind the Scenes with the Authors and Characters

Check back often for new interviews with the authors and the leading characters of their amazing novels. 


Our first behind the Scenes is going to be with Mary May and Gideon, the main character of "The Angel Chronicles"


Behind The Wings with Mary May

"Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining me. I'm super excited to have our first guest on Behind The Wings. I decided to start at the top and bring in the big guy himself Gideon!! Thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to visit with us Gideon. I know your fans are really excited to hear from you." 

"Greetings Mary to you and the fans out there. I'm honored to be here."

"Are you comfortable? Do you have enough wing room in that chair? I see the nickname Big Guy is accurate!" 
(Gideons cheeks turn pink! Angels blush...who knew?) :)

"Yes. Thank you I'm perfectly fine. And as far as my size all warrior angels are pretty large. We have to be you know? Never know what we might run into out there. I can grow even larger if need be, but I wouldnt want to ruin your pretty office." 

"My goodness! No, lets keep you the size you are! Now you know I asked you here to talk about your book...its your autobiography really isn't it?" 

"Yes ma'am it is."

"Let me just say before we dive off into this how thankful and humbled I am that you chose me to write your story. It is truly an honor." 

"You're welcome. I tried a few other authors but none could hear me as well as you do." 
(Now its my turn to blush!) 

"Gideon, we all know that you were the commander of the Lords Armies before you recieved your new assignment. Tell us what exactly does that mean?" 

(Gideon looks thoughtful as he strums his fingers on the arm of the chair.)

"Well, I believe the best way to describe it is I become almost like a father figure to the warriors. Its my job to make sure they are well trained and well versed in many different areas. I place each warrior into their chosen positions according to their individual strengths and weaknesses. That means that I have to get to know each one closely. When we head into battle my first concern is for their well-being and making sure that we all survive to fight another day." 

"That sounds like a lot of responsibility. Did you feel any sense of relief when you knew you would only be responsible for one instead of so many?" 

"No, I didnt feel that way at all. If anything I felt more pressure." 

"Really? How so?" 

"Since I wouldnt be there to help train and guide my warriors or prepare battle plans I worry all the more. Plus, I'm guarding a human child. I have no training in this area. Its all very... nerve wracking." 

"I can't imagine! So how does being a guardian differ from being a warrior?" 

(Gideon smiles and I think I see a hint of dimple in his left cheek!) 

"Being a warrior is all about planning. You plan for every move and every countermove. You know where you will be and generally for how long. Being a guardian is the exact opposite! You never know whats about to happen you never know where you're goingto be on any given day. Humans are highly unpredictable and chaotic." 

(This makes me laugh!)

"Gideon will you come back and tell us more about your new assignment? Perhaps take some questions from the fans?" 

Of course Mary, I would enjoy that. Thank you for asking me. I wish you and the fans a blessed evening.) 

"Alright people! Tune in next time for another session of Behind The Wings where we will continue our interview with Gideon. We might even take some fan questions! If you have a question you would like to ask Gideon just send them in! Until next time!"