Books are our Passion and we are proud to bring the dreams of new and experienced authors to life.


"A Book is a Dream that you hold in your hand"

Neil Gaiman


"I divide all readers into two classes; those who read to remember and those who read to forget"

William Lyon Phelps


Blue Lily Publishing is dedicated to helping authors find their way in the publishing jungle, and getting amazing new books into the hands of readers via eBook and paperback.

Authors who work with us are completely in control of their work, and they receive 100% of the money made from their works. We do not take any portion of the royalties received once the book is published. We work for you, to help you, then you get to reap the rewards. 

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Welcome to Blue Lily Publishing. Our number one goal is to help writer realize their dreams in becoming published authors. We love bringing dreams to life and giving eager readers something new.  


Where will your next book take you?

Where will your next book take you?