Fighting Fate's Desires "Fated Hearts Series" book 1


Fighting Fate's Desires "Fated Hearts Series" book 1


Haven crawled up the steps of her ex-boyfriends basement and walked into a world that she had only read about in horror novels. After discovering fangs shooting from her gums and a ravenous hunger burning in her stomach she knew she would never be the same again. 
Vowing to make it on her own she learned to control her new cravings, eating only when she couldn't take the hunger pains any longer. It was while luring in her "dinner" one night that she met Deacon Northcross. He would have been her sexiest snack yet if only he had kept his mouth shut! 
DeaconNorthcross was born over seven hundred years ago and tonight he was answering the call of something even stronger than the pull of blood; he was answering the seductive call of his soul mate... 
Barron Northcross was born over seven hundred years ago as well. Tonight he too heard the call that his soul had been longing for... 
Haven could hardly believe it when Deacon told her that he was her soul mate, although she couldn't deny the sizzle in her blood at his touch! Then the impossible happens when Barron shows up claiming her as well. 
Feeling the pull of both men leaves Haven confused and angry as she struggles to find herself while Fighting Fate's Desire's...

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