The Red House 2


The Red House 2


My name is Shelby Scott, and up until a year ago I would describe myself as normal. Really normal… like disgustingly normal. But that was before I was tossed headfirst into a crazy spooky soap opera. (I named it Days of our Afterlives) 

It all started when I discovered a ghost in my barn. A ghost with a curse a past and a ghostly mournful girlfriend. Did I mention a ghostly enemy as well? Yeah, I got the whole cast. (Go me!)

Anyway, I manage somehow, to get Jesse (ghost number 1) and Martha (ghost number 2) back together. I thought woo-hoo! The curse is broken and everyone can cross over into the great beyond and I can get my barn back. Wrong. Wrong…wrong…wrong!!! After a freaky tornado suck us up you won’t believe where, or should I say when, we end up.

Suddenly I have a lot more worries than just eliminating my ghost problem! 

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